Summer Teacher Symposium 2011

Sponsored by Michigan, Idaho and North Carolina Virtual Schools
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June 14th, 2011 (All times Eastern Standard Time)

11:00 -Welcome, Overview of Conference, Sponsor Session, Boise State University Ed Tech, Chris Haskell EdtechCampaignGraphic.jpg

11:30 - Keynote Speaker, Jonathan Finkelstein, "Creating Memorable Online Learning Experiences - in Real Time."

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In this session, Jonathan Finkelstein, author of Learning in Real Time and facilitator of the longest running online certificate program for synchronous learning, explores unique, real-time online group and social networking activities that take learner engagement to the next level. Experience innovative learning techniques and facilitation strategies that will open your eyes to what is possible while teaching and learning online.

12:45 - Break

1:00 - Breakout 1 (Choose from one of the three sessions below)

Session 1 "Writing to Learn Strategies", Carrie Jones, NCVPS
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Several strategies will be shared for teachers to consider using in all courses.

Session 2 "Time Management", Karen Carroll, NCVPS
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Effective organization and use of teacher time; helping students to organize and manage their online time

Session 3 "Managing Quality Discussions", Thomas E. Moncrief, NCVPS
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Asynchronous Discussion Boards are a popular part of an online course and an effective tool for teachers to engage and direct learning online. However, in many ways these discussions are time consuming for the teacher and unsupported to the extent that they need to be. This session will look at strategies like Discussion Board Subscription and thread redirect techniques to manage this more effectively. These techniques move toward rich discussions that are deep.

2:00 - Breakout 2 (Choose from one of the three sessions below)

Session 1 "Creating Engaging Announcements", Michelle Barnhill, NCVPS
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Delivering information through announcements is vital in the eLearning environment. Discover methods used to ensure learners absorb information by exploring tools and strategies that are sure to intrigue and engage all learners.

Session 2 "Engaging Students in Synchronous Sessions", Lisa Ragland and Deborah Campbell, NCVPS
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Motivating learners to join you online and developing strategies to engage them through interactive, purposeful, and fun lessons for groups or just one.

Session 3 "Differentiating Instruction", Heather Yungbluth, NCVPS
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All students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability or learning styles. In our session, we will explore differentiation methods of instruction to reach a student's fullest learning potential.

3:00 - Breakout 3 (Choose from one of the three sessions below)

Session 1 "Using Technology to Leverage Time and Enhance Instruction", Debra Pylypiw, NCVPS
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Tools and management strategies for distance teachers.

Session 2 “Times They are a Changin", Jay Bennett, MVU
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Join Jay as he discusses the changing nature of online education and education in general. Blended Learning and the Flipped Classroom are just two examples of the types of changes that are currently being talked about in the world of online and face to face education and this session will talk about how these and other concepts may impact online education.

Session 3 "Cool Tools for the Online Classroom", Jeff Simmons and Katie Laubengayer, Idaho Digital Learning
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Please join us for an introduction to a variety of free online tools you can use to make your course more fun and interesting or your work easier. We'll give a brief overview of the following tools:
  • Wordle
  • Prezi
  • Spicy Nodes